Customised Preventative Maintenance

At Beaver Air Conditioning Service Pty Ltd we believe a customised maintenance program has as much to do with the client and its operational requirements, as with the type of equipment incorporated into the building or facility.

We understand the effects poor environmental conditions have on your business productivity or the risk placed on your organisation when plant or equipment fail or are unreliable. This is why we look to closely match the service technicians experience and product knowledge with the equipment utilised on a specific site, good response times complete a successful combination.

At Beaver Air Conditioning Service Pty Ltd we are strong believers in ensuring the technician undertaking your maintenance servicing is fully conversant with the equipment he is servicing. All service tasks are undertaken by your trained technician. We do not hold with the increasing reliance on two tear service practises.

Speak with one of our customer service representatives who would welcome the opportunity to discuss your service requirements more closely and learn why our service philosophy can help you achieve a reduced long-term maintenance budget.

You can also learn more about our extensive range of specialist, customised maintenance services that Beaver Air Conditioning Service Pty Ltd can offer your business by clicking on the links below.


24-hour Emergency Service

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Ventilation & Exhaust

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