I Fly Down Under


Project Name:

Flight Area, Administration and Public Area Equipment.


Penrith, Sydney NSW




Raybal Constructions for IFly Downunder



The I Fly vertical wind tunnel is used by sky divers to practise their skill without the need to leave the ground. Large fans circulate air which passes through cooling vanes and when delivered to the flying area is traveling at speeds of 250Kmh.

The air pick-up up heat as it circulates and two large 1500kw chillers are used to cool and temper the air supplied to the flight area.

The project was a mix of supplied and install equipment plus installation of client provided items such as the chillers etc. The project covered the flight area plus the adjoining administration and public areas.

The project presented a number of challenges and a great opportunity to understand large volume airflows and temperature gains associated in high velocity flows.